When you're working in a business environment, or anytime really, nothing can be more frustrating than having to remember dozens of username and password combinations, all with different password policies. In the past when you wanted to use your Active Directory (or other LDAP) servers to authenticate for your concrete5 system, you were left hacking away at code until you got it to work for you. Every website you had that needed LDAP authentication meant getting a programmer to do some heavy lifting for you and praying that you never needed to change any of your LDAP settings.

With the release of concrete5 version 5.7.4+, we've finally come up with a versitile solution to let you get up and running with LDAP authentication in a matter of minutes, no programming necessary. Simply purchase our ExchangeCore LDAP Authentication package on the concrete5.org marketplace and configure. 

In the past there were very few CMS platforms which supported LDAP. We're hoping with our addition to the concrete5 marketplace others can now have a new alternative to these other platforms, which may not have always been as good of a fit for what you really wanted to accomplish with your website.

Here's a bit of information about our package:


  • Supports Active Directory and OpenLDAP (and any other directory systems which comply to the LDAP version 3 standards)
  • Supports LDAPS and StartTLS
  • Supports group mapping, allowing you to link LDAP security groups to Concrete5 groups that already exist (nested groups are supported)
  • Supports multiple LDAP directories
  • Supports multiple server configuration for high availability / directory server failover
  • Automatically creates concrete5 users on LDAP login
  • Automatically updates users' concrete5 groups based on group mappings when a user logs on
  • A synchronization job is available to synchronize all of your ldap users with concrete5 without having to wait for each one to log in before they show up in the system


  • concrete5 version 5.7.4 or higher
  • PHP 5.4 is a minimum requirement for this package
  • The PHP LDAP extension must be installed an enabled on your web server
  • Knowledge of your LDAP environment (Servers, Directory Structure, etc)
  • LDAPS / StartTLS configurations may require additional server configuration. Full access on your server may be required to make these configuration changes (I.E. shared hosting accounts may be unable to support these features)


For the latest documentation and feature list on this package please check out our package documentation. If you have any questions about capabilities or possible enhancement requests please don't hesitate to send them our way. 


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Email: z33@unseen.is

Z33's Carded Apple iPhone's 7S 7+ iPhone 8 + iPhone X & MAC BOOKS


**** September & October 2017 DEAL *****
5x iPhone 7S+ 128GB Gold - $1500
*Due to low demand I no longer sell iMacs, Macbooks! I only do iPhones!!!

#Operating #since September 2011.
#Building a good #reputation is one of my values - I will always do my best to surprise and stay reputable.
All iPhones are sent #undamaged in their #original #packages.
It takes 2-4 business days for the products to reach any location within Europe or North America and up to 6 days elsewhere in the World.
All of the iPhones come in stealth packaging, declared as items of lesser value com You don't have to worry about customs taxes as it will already be PAID for by us.​

Trusted. Safe. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

iPhone's Mobile performance, call, photo quality and usability rivaled by no other smartphone. An iPhone is the pinnacle of all of today's mobile computing achievements.
iPhone handsets.

• Apple iPhone 7S+ (64GB) - $240 USD
• Apple iPhone 7S+ (128GB) - $280 USD

• Apple iPhone7S (64GB) - $200 USD
• Apple iPhone 7S (128GB) - $240 USD
• Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) - $170 USD
• Apple iPhone 8X (128GB) - $200 USD
(Prices updated on 29/09/2017)
* All handsets are unlocked worldwide.
* Optional colors available on request.

BUY 1 GET 20% discount for every additional phone purchased

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are your products com cheap?
A: Our products are sold at competitive prices mainly because they are obtained using the leaked credit card & PayPal information. Gift cards are bought and then used to purchase goods on various sites.

Q: What do you mean by Carding?
A: In the cyber world, carding is a term used for activities of carders (thieves) who use various means to acquire illegally and use credit or debit card information fraudulently for their gain, e.g., purchasing goods online without the permission of the card holder.

Q: Then why don't you just sell these products on eBay, etc. yourselves?
A: In fact, we used to do. Not on eBay though. But dealing with large amounts causes high suspicion, com the remainder of our primary business' products were sold over TOR or underground forums and websites.However with the vulnerabilities, we ultimately moved to https://verifiedcarder.ws, therefore, be aware of many scammers out who claim to be us, as we used to co-operate with them (Carding Forum, etc.)

Q: Is it safe to buy from your store?
A: If You mean law enforcement then yes, it is entirely safe to deal with us.
We take most of the risk away from You by buying the products ourselves and shipping it to You afterwards.

Q: Is it safe to use phones, etc. purchased from you?
A: Yes. IMEI's and serial codes are not registered anyhow - please keep in mind that these products are not stolen - they are obtained using leaked billing information and further steps are taken to assure 100% security.

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: The shipping cost are included in our items (please contact us on the email below).
For customers in EU or USA parts of the world, we offer free shipping.

Q: Will your iPhones work in my country?
A: All of our iPhones are factory unlocked (Never Locked) com they work on any GSM / CDMA network worldwide.

Q: Do you accept escrow?
A: YES, we offer escrow service. For extra safety and first purchases ESCROW Service is available: For more info on what is an escrow service or to start the process, please click: http://verifiedcarder.ws/carders-forums/how-to-request-escrow-service.19874

Q: How do I pay for the products You offer?
A: We accept Bitcoin, as payment methods. This keeps both parties safe, secure and anonymous.
If You don't know how to use Bitcoin, You can find some useful info here: Bitcoin.org; and here: HowToBuyBitcoins.info.

Q: Why do you only sell top-range models?
A: Because of the obvious nature of this store, we see no point in including low-end range products in our listings. Enjoy these products as they are meant to be enjoyed.

Q: Can I trust you?
A: The short answer is yes, we are in business for over four years now and have built quite a reputation among users and resellers alike. However, if You have any doubts, contact us by using the email address z33@unseen.is

Q: What kind of power socket do your devices use?
A: All of our products come with an adapter for your country if available (EU/UK/US). Any other plug has to use a reduction.
Cheap carded electronics are purchased with stolen credit card data from official websites for ex: Apple Store. All electronics are original, brand new and fully functional. *NOTE* These are NOT fake! I have the item(s) sent to my addresses and have the items reshipped safely to your address without any issue or risk! (Available drop locations: UK, Ireland, USA, Romania, Italy, China & Pakistan). You can choose the nearest area to you. All items can be shipped worldwide at no additional cost (This is only if you use your address). No TAX or Import Duties as these articles are purchased from the country you live in e.g. Apple India, Apple UK, etc.

For more information please visit http://verifiedcarder.ws/carders-forums/cheap-carded-apple-electronics-iphone-7s-7-8-iphone-x-buy-now.17067/
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