Reseller Terms of Service

The Reseller Terms of Service is an additional policy for reseller accounts only. The standard Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy also apply to the reseller account and any accounts belonging to it.

System Administration

By agreeing to this Terms of Service resellers give ExchangeCore the right to perform administrative actions as necessary to maintain system stability. This includes, but is not limited to, suspending an account for terms of service or acceptable use policy violations and limiting an account's access to resources. ExchangeCore will notify the reseller whenever actions are taken on an account.

Depending on the reason for an account suspension, a reseller may or may not be blocked from unsuspending an account suspended by ExchangeCore. Examples of accounts that can not be unsuspended include, but are not limited to, accounts suspended for spamming or containing illegal content.

Customer's Responsibilities


As a reseller of ExchangeCore's web hosting service the reseller is responsible for providing support to their clients. Resellers may not direct their customers to ExchangeCore for support unless authorized to do so by ExchangeCore. Any contact with ExchangeCore support must be initiated by the reseller.

Server Usage

The reseller is responsible for all content uploaded by clients. Clients of the reseller must agree to a terms of service and acceptable use policy which encompass the terms of service and acceptable use policies our shared hosting includes.


Resellers are permitted to oversell disk and bandwidth resources. If the resources allotted to the reseller are exceeded, the reseller must upgrade to a plan with sufficient resources or reduce the resources used within two days. Accounts under the reseller will not be restricted after the reseller has exceeded disk or bandwidth quotas, however, the reseller will be unable to create additional accounts until corrected and will still be held responsible for ensuring that their reseller plan does not exceed its allotted resources.

Suspension/Termination Policy

Should a reseller not pay an invoice by the due date ExchangeCore has the right to suspend all accounts under the reseller until all outstanding invoices are paid.

If an invoice is unpaid for more than 5 days ExchangeCore will assume the reseller account to be abandoned and may provide information to the accounts of the reseller with information on retrieving files and/or resuming service.

ExchangeCore reserves the right to terminate any account found to be in violation of our acceptable use policies or terms of service without any advance notice.