About Us

ExchangeCore is involved in website design, development, maintenance, and hosting. We provide exceptionally high-quality services at affordable prices. Our staff consist of experienced developers and designers with years of experience. We specialize in anything from simple theme modifications, to wordpress add-ons, to completely custom built solutions that scale.

Our main focus at ExchangeCore has always been on the development side of things. However, in recent years we have also expanded into the hosting market. With many clients coming to us because of performance problems on their website, or perhaps constant errors outside of their control, we wanted to make sure that we had a solution for them that we could stand behind. As web developers, we have had years of experience troubleshooting applications that perform poorly due to server configurations. This experience has allowed us the benefit of tuning our servers so that site performance, reliability, and scalability are there for all of our hosting clients.

Many times when hiring other companies you get stuck with a sales person to explain things to and then what you want and what you need get skewed causing you end up needing more development work shortly after the project is finished or perhaps even prior to; Not with ExchangeCore Development.  Our developers are the ones who work with you from the start, for all of your development needs.  They will be there to listen to your needs and concerns, as well as to offer guidance and ideas that may improve what you need and to make things last for years to come.  

Are you near our developers?  We have website developers in Lima, Ohio and Milwaukee, WIsconsin.  If you'd like to arrange a meeting with one of them, feel free to Contact Us and we'd be happy to come get some face time with you. We are also fine with working remotely if you are not in the area but feel comfortable working with us via phone or email.