Custom Development Solutions

Here at ExchangeCore we specialize in making efficient, maintainable and user-friendly applications. Our team of developers have comprehensive knowledge with numerous popular programming languages, such as Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We've worked with many relational database systems such as MySQL/MariaDB, Microsoft SQL, and others. We also services numerous frameworks and content management systems such as Concrete5, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Yii, Laravel, and Magento. If you have other solutions already in place, feel free to talk to us about them as well. We have extensive experience in supporting existing home grown applications too.

Building from Scratch

We have a lot of experiencing helping people get up and running on the web. Whether you need a simple landing page to get your name on the web, or you need a full blown eCommerce system to allow your clients to purchase your products online, we can help. In today's world, there are numerous choices as far as what frameworks to pick, what templates and layouts to use, and then countless plugins that can be installed at the click of a button. We're here to help you make the right decisions now, so that your website is maintainable for the future and to help you avoid massive costs associated with rebuilding later when new functionality is needed as your site grows.

Many websites we develop are built on the Concrete5 content management system. This helps to put you in control of your content and website updates with an easy to use user interface and helps to keep development costs low by empowering you to do more. This content manamement system is easy to use, full of built in functionality, and has an awesome user community willing to offer help, suggestions, and product improvements at little to no cost to you.

Adding New Functionality

Do you have an existing website that doest most of what you need it to do, but just needs some new functionality added? We'd love to help. We have experiencing developing enhancements for many frameworks and content management systems. It's possible that there's already something built that does exactly what you need and we can help you find these solutions and test them to make sure that they do what you want. If there isn't something available, rest assured that our team of developers has what it takes to build and support just about anything.

Updates and Maintenance

Most websites run on some kind of framework that requires regular updates to be applied for security, bug fixes, and new features. If you've got a website that needs to be updated and you either don't know how or are having trouble, please reach out to us and see how we can help. For larger updates, we can even help you set up a test site to test the upgrade on before we make it live, so you can feel confident that nothing is broken before your site users can see it.

Mobile Device Support

With so many devices on the web today, having a website that is mobile friendly has great advantages for you as a website owner. Supporting devices like phones and tablets is no trivial task. We have experience in creating responsive templates that look good on mobile and desktop devices. If you have a site that you already like the looks of but want to add mobile support to, we can work with you to add mobile support to it, so that your mobile users can get the same awesome experience your desktop users already do when they visit your website.

We Give Back

We believe in giving back to the web community and providing solutions and guidance to those who just need a little bit of help getting things done themselves. We actively contribute to the Concrete5 CMS core, building in new features and fixing bugs; our developers frequently hang out in #concrete5's IRC Channel, providing guidance to new developers and discussing . We also have a GitHub account where you can view our open-source projects and contributions.

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