Here at ExchangeCore we specialize in making efficent, maintable and user-friendly apps. Our team of developers have extensive experience with popular web technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.


Many of our websites are based on Concrete5 and Yii. Our developers also have experienced with additional CMS systems and frameworks such as Wordpress, Drupal, CodeIgniter and Zend.

If you are interested in a scalable, easy to use Content Management System check out what we have to say about Concrete5.

We have web developers in Lima, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  If you're nearby and would like to arrange a meeting let us know in the contact form below and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

Be sure to check out our Portfolio page to see some of our featured sites we have worked on. We also have a GitHub account where you can view our open-source contributions.

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