Concrete5 Community Leader

ExchangeCore has a number of Concrete5 Developers on staff. Concrete5 is an outstanding development platform for just about any need. Concrete5 has great Content Management functionality and a well thought out platform to build custom code on that allows easy integration with the simple to use CMS. ExchangeCore is proud to now offer Concrete5 development as one of our primary services.

All of our customers should also know that we actively contribute to the Concrete5 product. As such we have been awarded the Concrete5 Community Leader badge for our participation and efforts in helping the product grow and mature. We are so confident and pleased with this product that we spend our own time helping to build up the community and answering questions on the Concrete5 forum and chat room. This also means that we have access to the leaders forum on Concrete5, so we always have the inside scoop on what's happening.

Why We Choose concrete5

ExchangeCore uses concrete5 due to its simplistic nature for the website manager and flexibility for the site developers. Concrete5 has many built in features such as WYSIWYG editors, picture galleries, file uploading, page creation, and sitemap layout all at the fingertips of the users who make day to day changes to the website. We've had clients actually tell us that it is just as easy to update their website as it is to go type up changes to send to a website designer to make the changes, and much more cost effective. 

With concrete5 extensibility is key. concrete5 also provides an excellent base for ExchangeCore as developers. If there is something that you find concrete5 doesn't deliver out of the box, concrete5 makes their platform easy to extend with customization. This makes for a scalable and modular website that is easy to maintain, update, and administer without having to worry about things breaking on every new release of concrete5. Many people come to our concrete5 developers with these sorts of request, anything from a customized block type, to administrative dashboard functions and with concrete5 these tasks are easily accomplished.

One very common question that we receive is "Why use concrete5 instead of Wordpress?" To this we answer, would you use a hammer to put in a screw (hopefully the answer is no)? Both concrete5 and Wordpress are excellent tools, and they each have their purpose. Wordpress is an excellent tool for creating a blog, however it is not built to be a content management, at least not without heavy modifications. concrete5 is an excellent block type content management system, as opposed to wordpress's article type content management system. However, when it comes to blogging concrete5 is somewhat limited on features, so it's all about choosing the right tool for the job.

concrete5 at ExchangeCore

ExchangeCore over the last several years has adopted C5 as it's primary Content Management System. Not only did we use it to build our own website,, but also our clients' websites. If you need a website we'll recommend C5 almost every time. While our developers are experienced with several other frameworks C5 is by far one of our favorites. If you need any work done on your C5 website, or are looking to build a new site please contact our Concrete5 developers, and we'll be happy to take a look at your requests and provide you with the best solution possible. ExchangeCore also offers Concrete5 Website Hosting. We use Softaculous instant installs which has Concrete5 as a packaged solution.

ExchangeCore at concrete5

To show our dedication and expertise with this product, we do our best to particpate in the concrete5  community, by answering forum questions, and contributing to the core code on github. Please feel free to check out our Concrete5 profile, and view our contributions on GitHub.

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